About Myself

I clearly understand that no living being is able to understand himself completely but I desire to do just that, at least in some degree. In the time I've spent trying to study my own being, I made up a certain scheme of my perconality. Rather scetchy and undefinitr it might be, will all its notions and borders rather vague, I guess its my best shot. Hell, in most of the times, this atually works, so I should say that this is quite a step forward. So buckle up kids, here we go. The following is a list and description of elements, which form my chracter by my own opinion.

The Author

Like there was word in the beginning, in my own start there was only he. Or should I say it? Rather impersonal and emty, the author is basically an effective tool of construction...of just about anything. Any activity aimed at creation is done by him. In fact he is the one who manufactured all the rest of my personalities, as to say, and gave them life. He never speaks but uses tablets with written text. With no mouth and a rather emotion-free face, author is quite a calm critter. Free of rules or prejudices he is capable of dezigning anything. With a funny english hat and a tuxedo, author is the mocking symbol of modern day society, meaning the faceless mob-like race with a collective mind. He always succeeds in his creativity, but requires a lot of what you would call *inspiration* (in a very general sense) as a resourse.Though for others this resource is rather random, he knows exactly how to create the necessary atmosphere to start it flowing and often does just that. In relations with his own creations (namely my other personalities) he is often neglected or hated, being considered a rather boring and useless character. They maybe ungratefull, but author is too de-emotionalized to be angry with them. Rarely he pays any attention to them or to their deeds, spending his time on creation. All the time. Forever...


One of the first, and most complete patterns of myself made by the author, Gun is a rather difficult phenomenon to describe. He is a summary of every dark and negative trait of myself combined into one. As his name suggests, Gun is a walking weapon, a master of firearms, and the answer to any problem. His sanity is questionable, his mood rather unstable, his desires and thoughts - a doubtfull mystery even for himself. But one thing is quite certain - whenever Gun is, death follows him in the tracks. It may seem that this is just a perfect antipod of being, it is not true. No matter how much he might hate it, he mostly acts in good faith, though with rather questionable methods. *Terminate the problem to solve it* is the basic moto of Gun. As to appearance Gun has a very persice profile. A tall and rather thin wolf with a long mane, one eye missing, and a rather long tail. His usual set of clothes includes a long black leather raincoat, cut-off gloves, a t-shirt, a pair of long jeans and a pair of army boots. A devastating force, and a lethal enemy, GUn often doubts his own necessity, has sudden thoughtful moods and attacks of paranoia. A demon of the dark, he is cursed for an eternal life, and one filled with suffering. Good or bad, weak or strong, rich or poor, smart or stupid, GUn uses no such notions, as he is certain only that there is no certainty.


Gabriel or just Gab (sometimes even Gabbi) is the yang if Gun is a ying. A lusty and rather sexy vixen she-wolf, she is the femme fatale in every possible understanding, being rather obsessed by carnal desires and the need to kill. Though rather charming and emotionally strong (she even manages to tame her step-brother Gun, with whom she often has sexual encounters) she is at the same time rather fragile and weak underneath all the armor. She has a weakness - she wants to be loved. A combinations of lust, love and intuitive instincts, Gabriel is the kind of girl you want and hate at the same moment. She is rather shape-shifting, being either a vixen or a wolvess, and as a typical female, having a different dresses (if she actually has something on). Rather intellegent and cruel she can be anything: a sister, a mother, and a lover. THough it might seem that a male's mind patter is of female sex, to me it is quite normal as I associate females with all the activity of the heart. If her step-brother is destruction, then she is recreation, in other than authors notions.


A greedy and lazy cobra with a love for eating little girls and sleeping underneath a heater, he is often silent and as any snake inactive. His only function seems to be the mediator of activity and source of wisdom, when such is required. He tries to escape all the chaotic activity and racket made by the rest, and most of time spends hybernating. He is also one of the last creations of author, thats why his foring is not yet completed.

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